anatomical insoles

Antistatic materials
comply with ISO standard for
the footwear sector.

Reinforcements additionally stabilise
transverse and logitudinal arch stresses.

By embracing the heel arch, energy
absorbing gel relieves pressure on joints.

Outlast absorbs excess temperature,
which is released once the foot
begins to cool down.

Insoles are used in protective and leisure footwear. Combination of carefully selected materials provides stability and comfort.

Insoles are made from three different materials:

  • The upper layer is made from unwoven textile which is highly porous with a high durability coefficient.
  • The middle foam layer allows foot to settle into a pre-shaped anatomical contour and provides excellent foot support.
  • The lower layer with its ventilation properties absorbs dampness which develops durring wear and dries quickly.

The sole (4 - 4.5 mm) is suitable for all types of footwear with sufficient room (working shoes, hiking shoes, etc.)..