anatomical insoles

Heel shock absorber cushions
the step and relieves pressure on joints and back.

2.5mm memo of print foam allows insolve to adjust to individual foot shape.

Heated insoles are designed for extreme weather conditions.

Trekking insoles are used in sports and hiking shoes. The gel adjusts to the heel's shape, while high-quality materials ensure foot comport at all times.

Distinctive anatomical shape provides optimal foot support and stability, reduces friction and ensures a safer step. Textile and material structure allows air to circulate so that despite perspiraton, the foot is dry at all times as sweat is absorbed by the lower insole layer which dries quickly due to its unique structure. The heel pad (poron) which is fixed on the underside of the insole absorbs heel shocks caused while running or walking.

Thin insole (2.3 - 2.5 mm) is suitable for all types of sports footwear (footwear designed for a variety of sport activities and also for hiking).